Charge for Demand? Why?

Today almost every meter on any given utility system has the ability to display or at least record customer demand on pretty much any interval you might select from 1 minute to 1 hour and store the maximum value until you tell it to start over. If you are using an AMR/AMI system these peaks can easily be recorded on at least a daily basis if not down to 15 minute recorded interval data.

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What about -? "Stuff Happens"

Meter wiring errors and billing multiplier errors remain the largest cause of revenue loss in the electric utility industry! We never get through a single day without someone working for us discovering something wrong with a metering application somewhere that is costing the given utility money.

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Old Wives Tales and other fun stuff like - "We don't need to test meters anymore"

A lot of you have been installing AMR / AMI equipment for several years now. Many are completely deployed and have been for several years as well. Most of these systems were installed using solid state meters that were touted as being failsafe to the point of running perfect until one day they just die and need replacement.

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