About Chapman Metering

Chapman Metering was formed in 1960 by Lawrence A. Chapman. The company started as a watt-hour meter testing service at that time, and our first customer was the cooperative now known as Eastern Iowa Light and Power at Wilton Junction, IA.

In 1979 the company was moved from its Illinois base of operations to Jefferson, Iowa. The move to Avoca, Iowa in 1990 was to more centrally locate the base for the shop testing facility.

Chapman Metering has over 500 clients in 23 states and has over 100,000,000 safe meter touches per year. We have been offering top quality metering services for over 50 years.

In 1998 the company was reformed as Chapman Metering, a limited liability company that was a partnership between Larry Chapman and Nishnabotna Valley REC. The partnership allowed us to add benefits for employees and growth capabilities that were not possible without help. The expansion allowed us the luxury of remaining a service-oriented company and the ability to remain unbiased in our recommendations to our clients.

Kriz-Davis Co., a 100 percent employee owned company, purchased Chapman Metering in 2015, and we now operate as a wholly owned subsidiary under the general management of Larry Chapman.  Since teaming up with Kriz-Davis Co., an employee owner is on every job site, creating a sense of engagement as well as offering additional alignment with technological advances.

Our primary commodity is service. We are actively installing AMR systems of all manufacturers and have people becoming well versed in the operation and maintenance of this equipment. We provide complete service inspection and wiring verification of metering packages as part of the testing process with our on sight testing services. We inform you of any unsafe conditions sighted, take and record voltage readings at each sight, and check for possible current diversion at each sight. We offer a maintenance program for all your metering and load management equipment and strive to work within your established plans to prevent confusion and duplication of efforts.